The Things You Should Know About a Moisture Meter Before You Buy One

Moisture describes the presence of a liquid, typically water, in trace elements. Humidity is found almost all over, consisting of materials that the untrained eye sees as dry. Moisture meters are the type of Quality hanna instruments that can measure the trace amounts of moisture in solids, gases and liquids. Controlling humidity is essential as water vapour above certain levels can result in condensation, corrosion, mould or other issues.

Quality hanna instrumentsEach material and application is impacted differently by moisture, and each has a series of moisture most appropriate for it. Based on the material or the form used, too little moisture can be as harmful as excessive moisture. To show the significance of moisture, one should learn its impact on specific applications and settings.

Controlling moisture is essential in commercial food production applications. Excessive humidity in foods meant to be crispy, like potato chips, will make them mushy and stale. Insufficient moisture in foods intended to be moist, like a cupcake, will make the item dry and unpalatable. High moisture levels likewise contribute to mould and germs growth which will spoil the food. This is also extremely important in the bulk storage of grains and other food commodities. Moisture levels can also be controlled to include water weight to foods offered in bulk or to reduce the caloric content of foods.

Building industries require moisture control on several levels. Specific structure materials, like concrete and wood, have perfect moisture levels. Too much moisture can cause these materials to swell while insufficient causes shrinkage and splitting. Either of these conditions can impact the quality of the structure. Also, uncontrolled moisture within the structure envelope can rapidly break down building materials and insulation or lead to mould and mildew problems that can be harmful to occupants.

In a residential setting, finding out that there is a lower moisture content through Quality hanna instruments enables the wood to burn hotter and cleaner. To industrial-scale gas plants that should get rid of excess moisture before the gas is marketable, energy is another industry with far-reaching moisture control requirements. Moisture will likewise adversely affect the insulation or motor windings of power generation equipment as well as internal combustion engines that burn gas tainted with water.

A substantial number of manufactured products count on sufficient control of moisture. Nearly all plastics, for instance, are sensitive to moisture and levels too high or too low can affect curing. For example, pharmaceuticals need to manage moisture to prevent clumping of components or spoilage due to mould. Excessive moisture can likewise destroy sensitive electronics.

There are lots of, numerous other applications in which managing moisture is a critical issue. As the above examples show, excess moisture can lead to mould, mildew, odours, sogginess, swelling, inefficient combustion, clumping and a host of other adverse results. Too little moisture can trigger shrinkage, splitting, a build-up of static electrical power, dust, etc. Just a moisture meter can let you understand when moisture levels are ideal.