Car Park Cleaning Services For Multi-Storey Buildings

A car park cleaning and ground improvement contract are required if you own a business with more than one car park on the property. This enables you to offer your customers car park cleaning services at an affordable price. You may be running a car washing and ground improvement company, car storage and recovery company or you may be an independent operator providing all types of car park cleaning services. The contract involved with this form of arrangement is typically for a specific time and includes the regular cleaning of multi-level car parks. The price of ground cleaning will vary according to the size and state of the car park, how extensive the cleaning needs to be, and the current condition of the structures within the car park and any pre-existing problems such as leaking pipes or concrete structures that need maintenance.

multi-storey car park cleaning MelbourneThe main benefits of this type of arrangement are the ability to provide your customers with a top-quality service whilst saving money on commercial cleaning supplies and the running costs of your company. Offering your customers a better service will also increase their satisfaction levels and word of mouth referrals, which are vital to growing your business. However, it is important to remember that each car park that you clean requires its own particular cleaning programme because each park is unique in its own right. Therefore when choosing commercial cleaning services for your multi-car park floor plan, it is essential to find a multi-storey car park cleaning Melbourne that can tailor their services to your Park’s exact cleaning requirements.

Some of the problems in car parks are created by people being too lazy to clean before they park their vehicles. For example, if wooden or brick barriers are separating the car parking from the interior of the building, then these must also be cleaned. If there is no fencing or walls then this should also be done. Wooden car parks can become dirty from accumulating food, drinks, grease and grime left behind by customers. Similarly plastic barriers can easily be ripped and weakened by the weight of vehicles and dirt and oil from shoes and shopping bags.

It is recommended that multi-storey car park cleaning Melbourne offer a free initial cleaning programme, during which a high pressure nozzle should be used to thoroughly clean the floors and walls. This removes any loose dirt and grime so that it does not continue to accumulate. After this, the professional cleaners should complete any other work required, including general car cleaning or polishing the interiors of the car parks. In addition to the car surfaces, all areas between the walls and ceiling should be cleaned using specialist polishing products and cleaners.

It is essential to remove any decayed wood or timber from the car park floor, including light fittings and windows. Car park lights, seats, mirrors, logos and signs should also be cleaned with specialist cleaners. It is essential to check that all windows have been properly wiped down and that the staff using the wiping machines are wearing gloves and goggles. Car park lights will become very dusty very quickly, and polishing them will prevent rust and make them run smoother. Regular cleaning of these lights will ensure that they are working at their peak for longer.

Finally, car park floor coverings should be cleaned regularly. It is often the case that the floors may become dirty due to litter or cigarette burns, but many cleaners can effectively use specialist machinery to clean these areas. All cleaners should guarantee two to three weeks for you to inspect the premises to make sure the work has been completed correctly. It is worth remembering that cleaning companies should always aim to leave your car clean and ready to go for when you arrive. This is the best way to avoid any unnecessary delays whilst waiting for the cleaners.