Tips to Clean You Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Unit

A ducted air conditioning system is a fantastic way to keep your home cool and comfortable while saving money and energy at the same time. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning also allows you to condition your entire home, or choose which rooms you want to keep cold or warm throughout the year. With a ducted air conditioning unit, you can create one or multiple zones inside your home that allows you to choose the specific areas in your house that you wish to condition, as well as minimize energy consumptions by turning the zones off.


If you want your ducted air conditioner to last for years to come; all while retaining its efficiency, it’s essential that you take proper care of it. The issues that occur when you don’t care for your reverse cycle air conditioner include the following:


  • Air contamination within your home;
  • Increased energy consumption;
  • A gradual inability of your air conditioner to cool or heat your home;
  • Major breakdowns and repairs, or even replacement, will occur often and sooner.


There are some excellent tips that you should follow to make sure your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning unit is operating correctly at all times. By investing in the performance of your air conditioner, you can preserve the investment in your home.


Hire A Professional Once a Year

By hiring an air conditioner specialist, you have someone who can inspect your air conditioner once a year and determine:


  • If repairs are needed to prevent significant breakdowns or other difficulties;
  • If there are any restrictions to performance and efficiency;
  • If there’s a need to keep close attention to certain parts of your ducted air conditioner for future repair considerations, particularly on older air conditioning systems.


Make sure that you only allow an experienced and qualified HVAC professional to inspect your air conditioner. If you’re planning to have a new air conditioner installed, organize an annual inspection agreement with the installer to make sure they come and maintain your unit at least once a year.


Have Breakdowns and Repairs Done Immediately

If you start noticing that your ducted air conditioner is not performing correctly, make sure you have it serviced immediately. For instance, if one particular room is not cooling off like it used to, it may be due to a hole in your ductwork or a malfunctioning inside the unit. A hole in your ductwork that’s overlooked unattended can lead to significantly increased operating costs, as well as can create hazardous contaminants and bacteria.


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