The Best Reasons to Buy a Cordless Hammer Drill

Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast? If you are, then you probably own a cordless power drill. You might wonder why on earth would you need a cordless hammer drill for. That’s a good question if you are asking it. Sure – a hammer drill can drill holes and drive screws just like a power drill. But it can do something your power drill can’t. This power tool can drill holes into concrete, stone, brick, and other masonry. Not only that; but it also does it with lightning speed and ease. Now that we got your attention, we’re going to show you why you’d want to own a hammer drill.

How Does a Hammer Drill Do It?

cordless hammer drillYou might be asking, “how does a hammer drill do it?” “Why can’t a regular power drill do the same thing?” Well, unlike a normal power drill, hammer drills combine both rotations with concussive blows (similar to a hammering action). As a result, it pulverizes concrete and other similar materials. That means you can bore holes into masonry walls in a faster and more efficient way. Power drills can drill holes on concrete. But the performance and output are way different than that of a power drill. You can compare it to a miniaturized jackhammer that has the same power as the full-sized one. Besides, it’s also cordless! That’s what you’re getting from a cordless hammer drill.

Uses of a Hammer Drill

For Drilling Masonry Screws

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a handy homeowner, you will need a hammer drill to drill holes for masonry screws. These types of screw won’t need any anchor; instead, it threads right into the hole. That means the holes must be drilled accurately for the best hold. There’s not a quicker and better way of drilling a hole in the wall than a hammer drill. It ensures that your screws holes securely, ensuring the best finish.

When you’re constructing a wood frame, it’s commonly necessary to drill holes into slabs, concrete piers, and footings for the installation of metal anchor. Often times the holes are one-half-inches in diameter or larger. A hammer drill has the speed and power to blast through concrete and whatever it encounters.

So there you have it. A cordless hammer drill is something that you definitely want to have in your arsenal of other power tools. Go buy one today! Click here for the best recommendations.