Why Is Artificial Grass the Best Option for your Lawn?

In keeping your lawn healthy and attractive, you need to water, mow and fertilise it regularly. However, doing all these tasks year after year is undeniably tiring. Fortunately, there’s a great solution that can free you from all those works, and that is the installation of an artificial lawn. Since its inception, artificial grass surfaces have come a long way. The ones being sold today not only incredibly looks realistic, but it is surprisingly comfortable underfoot as well.

Keep in mind that you are doing the right thing if you wish to install artificial grass Brisbane for your lawn.

  1. Designed for Extreme Conditions

Artificial Grass BrisbaneIf you live in an area with an extreme climate like the desert southwest or northern latitudes, installation of an entire artificial lawn is a great idea. Keeping grass alive in these places is costly, wasteful, and often an impossible endeavour that’s why artificial lawns are ideal. The qualities of artificial grass significantly suit these extreme conditions. With this fact, it also has become a desirable option for homeowners living in moderate climates.

  1. Excellent for Heavy Use and Traffic

In targeting areas where live lawns traditionally suffer, artificial grass also suits perfectly. Prime candidates for artificial upgrades are the poolside, dog kennels and play areas for kids. Installation of synthetic turf in these areas not only enhances things from an aesthetic perspective but, it also effectively cuts down the dirt and mud that enters your home brought by your kids and pets.

  1. Money-Saver

Before you need to replace it, you will have to wait for about two decades or more which is the lifespan of most artificial grass Brisbane. However, that may also vary depending on the type of use it tends to get. From a cost analysis standpoint, it shows that opting for artificial grass is a wise financial decision.

There are no added costs involved in keeping it alive and healthy over two decades or even more since it doesn’t require maintenance equipment like lawnmowers and weed eaters, fertilisers, including water. Even if you ask those homeowners who switched to artificial grass, you will learn from them that they save a pretty good amount. Not to mention the substantial convenience and other benefits that synthetic grass offers in the long run.

You can compare Artificial lawns to those outdoor and weatherproof carpets. When you visit your supplier, you will have a lot of options to choose from similar to any other carpet. You will need to choose between different textures, colours, thicknesses as well as longevities. So before you start shopping, take some time to sit down and create a list of what you want to get out of your new lawn. Also, don’t forget to consult your landscaper or installer first so that you’ll get the best product out of your specific wants and needs.