What is Sports Physio Adelaide and How Can It Benefit Me?

Sports physiotherapists are professionals who specialize in helping athletes from different sports to maintain optimum health by giving them medical advice, diagnosis and therapy for any form of injury they may have sustained. These professionals are also known as athletic trainers or rehabilitation specialists—the medical services of sports physio Adelaide range from physical examinations to rehabilitation and diagnosis of sports injuries.


Sports physiotherapists deal with a wide range of medical conditions affecting athletes such as arthritis, bone fractures, sprains, strains and muscle tear injuries among many others. Treatment of athlete’s Sports physiotherapists differs from standard medical practitioners because the focus is not just on the diagnosis, prevention and management of injuries but also on rehabilitation and the healing process. A good physio will also be able to advise athletes as to which form of rehabilitation will help speed up recovery from an injury and prevent the occurrence of future injuries. In addition, good physio should also be capable of performing exercises to enhance mobility and strength.


Physiotherapy for sport can be tailored to cater to the needs of every game. This may include specific treatment for sportsmen and sportswomen and may vary depending on the type of sport. Sports physio Adelaide works specifically with the sportsman and usually specializes in one particular game or a particular sport such as cycling, horseback riding, rugby, skating, diving, skiing and football, among others.


For example, a sports physiotherapist who works with a particular sport may provide information on the sport’s regulations as well as specific training and exercises to enhance physical fitness and performance. Some sports’ physiotherapists may also be able to provide the equipment that the game requires such as protective gear, shoes and support clothing. Others may also offer assistance to the athlete in selecting a sport that suits their needs.


Sports physio Adelaide generally works closely with the sport’s governing body and other medical practitioners. She will advise them on what kind of medical assistance would be beneficial for their sport and individual players. The primary goal of such professionals is to help athletes return to their normal activities as soon as possible. This may also include prescribing medications and therapies to help them cope with the pain and discomfort that accompany any injury, and help athletes recover from the injury and get back into the game.


When hiring a sports physiotherapist, it is important to make sure that they are licensed and skilled and experienced in their field and have had previous experience working with athletes. Make sure that the person you choose is qualified to work with sportsmen and sportswomen of all ages. It is also recommended to make use of a company that has been accredited with the National Physiotherapy Accreditation Board (NPARB) to ensure that the physiotherapist is fully licensed and qualified.