Builders cleaning Melbourne: What Builders Cleaning Services Can Do For You

Builders cleaning services offer an intensive deep-clean process designed to remove dust and construction debris from surfaces, performed by professional cleaners using specialised equipment.

There are two stages to CFMFacilities builders cleaning Melbourne: (1) labourers clean (which involves quick site clean-up such as collecting rubbish, vacuuming, and tidying); and (2) final clean which requires pre-silicone cleaning of wet areas and kitchen.

Debris Elimination

builders cleaning MelbourneConstruction and renovation work leaves behind a great deal of waste material that can be difficult to clear away without professional assistance from cleaning crews. This debris may include piles of timber and drywall scrap, nails and screws, cigarette butts, caulking grouting material and other forms of waste that must be addressed before work can resume.

A builder clean is a comprehensive cleaning service designed to tackle everything left behind from residential, commercial or industrial projects. This involves vacuuming and dusting surfaces before wiping down surfaces to remove splatters of paint before wiping down all areas neatly before the defects period begins.

Quality builders cleaning services employ industry equipment to ensure every area is spotless and will also include a final clean on the day before handover for client peace of mind that their new building is in pristine condition.


Construction and renovation sites often cause havoc to floors by way of nails, screws, waste materials and chemicals that damage their surfaces. Builders cleaning services offer comprehensive floor care services designed to restore floors so they’re suitable for installing carpets or tiles; additionally, they can clean surfaces like stairways and ramps as needed.

Once upon a time, builders would conduct their own builders clean. This involved taking care to remove protective coverings, vacuum the joinery and wipe down bench tops themselves. However, modern clients demand premium presentations, which is why specialist CFMFacilities builders cleaning Melbourne are well-suited to meet this expectation.

Post-construction cleaning consists of three stages: rough, light, and final. Each requires specific equipment and supplies that may depend on the size and scope of the job. A large project may take longer due to increased supplies necessary and will incur more cleaning expenses overall.


Construction work creates dust and dirt that settles deep within carpets and other flooring materials, necessitating professional cleaning services to remove it and return surfaces to their former glory. Look for companies using safe cleaning fluids that won’t void your warranty; customer reviews can also give an excellent indication of how a company treats their clients.

Years ago, builders cleaning was seen as an after-construction service to remove protective coverings and vacuum the joinery before wiping down bench tops and cleaning floors. Today however, clients are much more knowledgeable of this process and expect a thorough presentation clean of their property including kitchens, laundries, bedrooms, bathrooms, and all internal areas.


Clean windows are essential components of any building. They allow light into rooms, and make its interior appear pristine and professional. Nowadays, most cleaning services offer window washing services with specialised equipment to make sure the job gets done efficiently and professionally.

Most cleaning companies specialise in commercial and residential window washing services, offering them to walls, roofs, and other surfaces as well. Their experts can remove clogs, paint spills, and scrape off plastic materials that have adhered to surfaces such as windows as well as clean window frames and sills thoroughly to remove plastic material and stickers that have accrued on them.

CFMFacilities builders cleaning Melbourne specialises in deep-cleaning all types of buildings, using various access methods for reaching high windows such as rope access, telescopic water fed poles, suspended scaffolding platforms, swing stages or man lifts to gain entry and reach all surfaces of a structure.


Painting services are offered by many builders cleaning companies, who can prepare surfaces for painting by cleaning and prepping surfaces for prep, wiping down cupboards and shelving, cleaning windows and more. As paint dust can remain airborne for several hours or days after construction or refurbishment projects have completed, prompt cleanup of this dust is crucial in reducing risk and spreading it elsewhere.

Builders cleaning services also offer labourers cleans to maintain a tidy site during construction. These are conducted periodically to keep it tidy and safe for clients; once defects have been addressed a final cleaner can then take place prior to handover of the site.

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