Switchboard Upgrades Adelaide: What You Need to Know

The switchboard is the heart of your home’s electrical system. If it is outdated or damaged, you should consider a switchboard upgrades Adelaide.

An upgraded switchboard can help prevent fires and meet the stringent Australian electrical safety standards mandated by your energy provider. The following signs indicate it is time to call a professional for switchboard upgrades in Adelaide.

Safety Switches

Safety switches are installed on switchboards or built into power points to cut off the electrical supply if there is an electricity overload. This helps prevent electric shocks and electrical fires. They are required in all new homes and should be checked regularly by a qualified electrician. They are also needed in older homes that are changing their electrical cabling. Our expert Adelaide electricians can inspect your switchboard to see if it has the correct level of safety protection and recommend any upgrades.

switchboard upgrades AdelaideIf your safety switch is constantly tripping, it may indicate a fault with one of your appliances or wiring and should be examined by a professional. You can try unplugging devices individually to identify which appliance is causing the problem. Once the cause is placed, it can be repaired, and the safety switch can be reset.

If you’re thinking about adding some modern electrical appliances to your home, it’s essential that the switchboard can cope with the increased power needs. Older fuse boxes cannot handle the load and can cause dangerous short circuits, leading to property damage, injury or even fires. Newer switchboards incorporate RCDs and Circuit Breakers to isolate the faulty circuit within milliseconds. These features help to reduce the risk of electric shock and fire hazards and are essential for all homes and businesses.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

If you have an older switchboard, it may not be able to cope with the modern power demands. This can lead to blown fuses, which are dangerous and a sign that it is time for an upgrade.

A safer alternative to fuses is RCDs, which automatically cut off the electricity supply when there is a fault. These devices are far more sensitive than fuses and circuit breakers, and they can protect against electric shocks and electrical fires.

RCDs are available in various ratings, including low, medium and high. Low RCDs are designed for industrial applications and trip at up to 500 mA residual currents. In comparison, medium RCDs can handle up to 100 mA residual currents and are typically found in commercial buildings such as offices. High-sensitivity RCDs can be used in residential applications and are rated to trip at residual currents between 10 mA and 30 mA.

If your switchboard is fitted with RCDs, testing them regularly is essential. Portable RCDs should be tested at least every three months, while non-portable RCDs should be checked quarterly. RCDs can be tested by switching off all switches and appliances and pressing the test button. If the switchboard trips, this is a sign that there is a fault, and the RCD should be replaced.

Circuit Breakers

An old switchboard may not have enough capacity to handle the power consumption of modern appliances and electrical systems. This can cause problems such as frequent circuit breaker tripping or burning smells. If you notice these issues, it’s time to call a licensed electrician and consider getting a switchboard upgrades Adelaide.

A new switchboard can include modern safety switches unavailable in older models. It can also improve the overall electrical capacity of your home or commercial building, allowing you to install more appliances and electronics. In addition, a new switchboard can add more protection against power surges and overloading.

The switchboard is the central hub that controls electricity distribution throughout your home or business. It’s essential that the switchboard is well-maintained to ensure your electrical safety. A damaged or outdated switchboard can result in electrical faults that can cause electrical fires and injuries to your family and workers.

In addition, older switchboards are prone to short-circuiting, which increases the risk of electric shocks and house fires. Some signs that your switchboard is overdue for an upgrade include flickering lights, a tripping circuit breaker, or a burning smell. If you notice these symptoms, contact a qualified Adelaide electrician immediately.


Your switchboard is the central hub for the electrical wiring in your home or business, operating everything from power points to ducted air conditioning. If your switchboard is old and not coping with its demand, it can cause electrical issues such as fires or short circuits.

It is essential to upgrade your switchboard to a safer model to avoid these problems. If you notice that your power points have changed in colour or are hot to touch, this is a sign that your switchboard is unsafe and needs an upgrade ASAP. Flickering lights are another sign that your switchboard is dangerous, and you need an electrician to look at it as soon as possible.

Older switchboards often use ceramic rewireable fuses rather than circuit breakers, which is a severe safety risk and a sign that your switchboard needs an upgrade as soon as possible. This fuse in your switchboard can lead to fires, short circuits and electric shocks.

Our team of licensed electricians can provide a comprehensive electrical safety inspection and quote for your switchboard upgrade. The cost of the upgrade depends on many factors, including whether you have an apartment or house, how many circuits your switchboard has and if it needs to have service meters or fuses disconnected. Contact us today for more information on our range of switchboard upgrades.

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